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Five Last Minute Gifts For Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner and, if you are a Dad, it's always a special day to celebrate all the wonderful things a father does as a part of the family. I was recently treated to my daughter's pre-school Father's Day celebration which was a very special treat for me. It's about that connection between the father and the children that makes the day special.

You see in the paper's and online, all the great gifts you can give your Dad on this special day. However, most of the gift ideas put out there by the retail chains, don't reflect that true meaning of the day. Retail chains are simply pushing whatever products that are in their Men's section, in the hopes of bringing you into their store.

iWishfor has put together a list of perfect gift ideas that will celebrate that special bond that fathers have with their children with a list of gift ideas that you can share with your children. This list of perfect gift ideas will help you out if you are still looking for more personalized gift ideas for Father's Day!

Five Last Minute Gifts for Father's Day

Star Wars Lego

Who doesn't like lego? Lego's recent foray into the world of movies means there are a lot of cool lego packages that appeal to both kids and dads! Besides Star Wars, there is also the Lord of the Rings sets and the Pirates of the Caribbean and others to choose from. My son and daughter love doing these sets with me and it's a great time for all of us. They help me find the pieces and I give them small sections to put together, helping them when they get stuck. As the children get older, you can delve more into the advanced lego sets with Mindstorms sets.

Check out

Geek Dad Science books

These are great books of fun, geeky science activities that both Dads and kids will love. The premise is that Dads want to spend time with their kids but the want to engage with their kids in activities that are fun for them too. It can get tedious playing kids games as much as you want to play with your kids. The activities in these books will help you find activities that will appeal to everyone with various levels of difficulty depending on how much of a handyman you are. In fact, if you do a search for Geek Dad on the Amazon store, you will find a whole section of books of projects and activities you can do with kids.

Check out Geek Dad books from Amazon

Model Rocket Sets

We've just started getting into this with our kids. Your local hobby store will have a wide range of model rockets and varying levels of technical difficulty you can buy and blast off with your kids. We recently purchased a starter set that came with everything you needed and was really easy to assemble. Now we need to just wait for a windless day to blast them off. I know the kids will love it and is something we can grow into as they grow up. 

Petanque Set
This is the very popular French version of the traditional Italian lawn game Bocce, Petanque can be played on the beach, on grass, or on any even, smooth surface. This set includes just what you need for casual play of this great European game. The set comes with six 3" laquered wood balls, a white jack ball and complete rules for playing the game. Get ready for outdoor family game fun!

Check out Petanque Set from Amazon

A GPS Device and Free Subscription to Geocaching

Geocaching is that great idea of the scavenger hunt with the addition of technology and made world wide! Basically, people hide things all over the world and post the gps coordinates on the Geocaching site. You use your GPS device (or the iphone/android app), to find the hidden items using the gps coordinates. It's great fun and gets you out into your local community to places you may never have explored before. Kids love the hidden treasure aspect of it, and as they get older, can help with controlling the GPS device. There are millions of hidden items all over the world and can also be a great activity if you are traveling to new places. You can find more info at:

Check out geocaching at

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

3 Awesome Crowdsourced Recommendation Sites

Crowdsourcing, or getting advice and recommendations (among other things) from fellow users, is becoming increasing popular. While going to Google or Bing to find answers to questions is often the first step people take when they are looking for information, group recommendation sites are another great way to find the answers you need. These types of sites are nice as they often involved people who have first hand knowledge about the topic and provide answers that are more personalized and current than search results can provide.

We've rounded up some great group recommendations sites that can with any kind of question you may have.

This awesome site, of course, has to be at the top of our list. Discobo is a Q&A platform to crowdsource the best products for daily problems. Simply ask the community or search for relevant questions. Discobo uses community generated recommendations to find you the best of anything quickly. It has a beautiful interface that is easy to use. One of the great features is the ability to scroll through the communities questions and find answers to questions you didn't even know you had. You can do this by using shuffle to randomly find questions, view the most popular or view the "freshest". Of course, asking your own questions is quick and simple. Just write a question that you are burning to have answered, choose a tag to categorize it and you're done. As people start to answer your question, you will get to see answers from the community, how many people answered the question, which solution was the most popular and links to all the solutions in a very easy to read style. You can also post one liners about the question or the solutions provided to provide more feedback. The only confusing part for me was how to quickly view the questions I had asked to see if anyone had answered them yet. Other than that, Discobo could an extremely useful tool to find answers from other users that are current and relevant.

Suggestme offers a slightly different twist on the whole crowdsourcing idea. With tourist suggestions crowdsourced from social media trends in real time, Suggestme recommends destinations based on how popular they are on social media at the time and enables users to compile their own custom guide. As most travel sites and tourist information is often static reflecting opinions and thoughts from the past, it is hard to determine whether the information is still relevant. A tourist attraction may be popular one year, but a change in ownership or other issue arises and suddenly that attraction is no longer a must see. To solve this problem, Suggestme keeps on top of changing opinions by aggregating information from millions of social media mentions across multiple platforms to determine the best places to highlight at the moment its customers are browsing the site. Currently covering Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York and Barcelona, visitors can also search venues based on keywords such as ‘romantic’ and ‘live music’ to find the places they’re in the mood for. Users can save the locations they’ve discovered and compile them into their own customized guide, ready to share with friends. takes information from more than 7,000 product “experts” and some 2 million user-generated reviews to give a far more comprehensive recommendation about a product than you’ll find on services like Amazon. Right now, the site covers electronics, appliances and home and garden items.

Each of these sites takes a different approach to use crowdsourcing but each solution creates a powerful way of getting the information you want, when you need it while giving you the confidence you need to make a good decision or know that the answer is the best one out there.

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

5 Garden Inspired Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

Does your mother love flowers and gardening? Mother's Day is the perfect time to celebrate her love of flowers and gardening by giving the mother in your family garden inspired gifts! Giving gardening inspired gifts for that special mother can not only let them know how much you mean to them but also give them that special time they need and deserve to relax. Not into gardening but still loves sprucing up the house with a touch of the outdoors? Flowers are always a nice way to celebrate Mother's Day and there are so many different ways to bring fresh flowers into the home.

Whether it is a floral arrangement in a unique vase or centerpiece or some new, but fashionable gardening tools, there are lots of different ways to bring happiness to your special mother on her special day!

Here are 5 Garden Inspired Gift ideas for Mother's Day!

Peonies in a beautiful Vase

Peonies are a beautiful flower that are often overlooked as the centerpiece to a floral bouquet. Matched with an unique vase or planting pot, they can make a wonderful centerpiece for the home in any variety of colour. There are lots of different vases and pots available in a number of styles to suit any desire. Local hardware stores will have plenty of styles to choose from.


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An Inspiring Gardening Book

An inspiring gardening book can be just as relaxing especially if you give her some time on her home to read it in a nice quiet house with a fresh pot of tea. Books on English gardens can be the perfect for those lovers of gardens.

Chapters-Indigo - $43.00

Plant Markers

If you have ever had a garden or viewed a number of gardens, you'll often see them filled with rowed upon rows of little markers designating the types of plants being grown. Often, these little markers will come directly from the nursery. While practical, there are a number of other styles and types of markers available that will help the gardening mother in your family spruce up the garden and show it off.

Markers painted with chalkboard paint are beautiful and practical. Use a white marker or waterproof wax pencil to write the names of the plants on the marker. Or give your mother a ceramic plant marker from to add a little British elegance to the garden. - $2.95 each


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New Sun Hat

A new sun hat can be the perfect gift for mom's who like to garden for longer periods of time out in the hot sun. These hats from Kate Spade are practical enough to keep the sun of the shoulders yet also are beautiful.

Kate Spade - $78.00

Watering Can Care package

Finally, while relaxing and rewarding, gardening can be hard on the hands and the energy. Why not give that special mother a beautiful care package in a watering can. If you can find an antique water can, that would be perfect but any watering can will work. Simply fill the watering can with hand towels, chocolates, hand creams, facial creams and other items to help her relax after a hard day out in the garden.

With any of these ideas, Mother's Day can be a special time for that beautiful, amazing Mother. Any of these gift ideas can help you celebrate every thing your mother does for the family. They also give them the ability to further enjoy their time in the garden or to enjoy something that will last beyond Mother's Day itself.

Looking for a easy way to share gift ideas with family and friends? Check out our wish list app for saving and sharing gift ideas!!! iWishfor will save you time and pain and help you buy the perfect gift every time!
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

14 Personal Gifts for Mom

English: Mother's Day card
Has Mother's Day snuck up on you? Mother's Day (May 13 for those not sure) is probably the next important day after Christmas and Valentine's Day for guys. Forgetting your mother on Mother's Day is like finding yourself in a dark alley surrounded by a gang who you have inadvertently insulted. They are both things that you do not want to happen and can result in serious injury.

While mother's deserve to be recognized and celebrated throughout the entire year, showing well deserved appreciation on Mother's Day has become the one day where we collectively take time to show our undying appreciation with personal gifts for Mom. However, it can also be one of the hardest times of the year to find a gift that is meaningful, personal and not found by making a quick trip to the mall to buy the first thing you see.

The iWishfor team has put together a list of 14 Personal Gifts for Mom to help you with your search to find that perfect gift for the special Mom in your life. Here are:

14 Personal Gifts for Mom

Spa Gift Basket: Make a gift basket by combining a few of her favorite things. Find scented toiletries in soothing aromas like lavender or chamomile. Tuck a comfy spa pillow and a gift certificate from a local spa into the basket, and you’ll create a gift mom will love.

Framed Photos: Find a few of mom’s beloved photos and head to your local framing shop. Choose frames that match her d├ęcor and add mattes to finish the look. Once framed, hang them on the wall, and add a bow. This is a gift that will be appreciated every time she sees it. 

Family Photo Album: Take the picture idea a step further and create a scrapbook from a cherished family vacation or event. Have each person write a few of their favorite memories and incorporate them on a page along with a picture of the person. Use other keepsakes or mementos in the scrapbook as well, such as shells from the beach or tickets from a play.

Hobby Classes: What kinds of things are on mom’s bucket list? Has she wanted to learn to cook? Do you suspect she’d be great at making pottery? Has she considered resurrecting the French that she learned in high school? Find a cooking, art or foreign language school, and make lessons a reality for her.

For the Kitchen: A classic tea set makes a beautiful Mother's Day gift! Cups, saucers, cake stands, and a tea pot in elegant ivory porcelain are home essentials for entertaining guests, and the perfect companions to coffee and conversation.

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For the Bedroom: Nothing says love and comfort like a plush throw blanket. Pair it with a couple of colorful pillows for a mini bedroom makeover for mom.

Floppy Hat With Ties:

Is your mom still sporting the visor she won at the 1972 Ladies’ Doubles Championship? This raffia-and-cotton hat is a stylish substitute. Bonus points for the adjustable tie.

To buy: $68,

Smartphone Wallet: This slim, zip-up case may outsmart her smartphone. It holds the ultimate on-the-go essentials: phone, cards, bills, and coins.

To buy: $49,

Personalized Smartphone Cover: A personalized smartphone case with photos of the kids can be a neat gift for the Mom with a smartphone. You can personalize smartphone cases at Shutterfly, which has a great selection and tons of different styles for personalizing a cool smartphone case for the Mom's in your family.

Watering Can Gift: One for green-fingered mums! Find a really vintage looking watering can and fill it with a mix of gardening and beauty products to use after gardening. Some products can include items like Barrier Cream, Hand Scrub, Intensive Hand Balm. Talk to some of the assistants at stores like The Beauty Shop for ideas of items to include.

Jambox Speaker: If space is a premium, but music is crucial, buy your mum this sexy-as-hell wireless speaker that delivers incredible quality sound in a tiny package. $299.00 at Best Buy

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My Mom: Her Stories, Her Words:  Use this tiny book as an interview journal and get to you know your mom like you never knew you could. Inside are questions to spark the memories of her life with plenty of room to record the details. Laugh with her, hear her stories, honor and celebrate her life. Sure to become a treasured family heirloom. From the line of family journal books that includes Mom, Dad, Grandmother and Grandfather.

For the New Mom: She may get teary when she unwraps this reclaimed-wood keepsake box with an image of her little one. Upload a photo on, choose where on the box you want the picture featured, and they'll take care of the rest.

(12.5"W x 9.5"L exterior, 11"W x 8.25"L interior, 2" deep; $95,

For the Busy Bee: Complete with feminine floral cotton lining, these bright Woolrich Leeward skimmers (pictured here in cherry) are a stylish gift for a mom who's on her feet most of the day.

(Also available in deep sky and crocus; $39.95,

For the Flower Lover: Colorful glass Lovlig bud vases are a gift someone even on the tightest of budgets can afford. Fresh blooms not included (but encouraged)! 2.99 each at Ikea
Hopefully, we've been able to provide you with some ideas in finding some personal gifts for mom. If you have any ideas that have worked for you in the past, we'd love to hear them! As always, the free iWishfor app is a great way for you to save those gift ideas you see throughout the year for your mom.

Looking for a easy way to share gift ideas with family and friends? Check out our wish list app for saving and sharing gift ideas!!! iWishfor will save you time and pain and help you buy the perfect gift every time!

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Buying gifts for Adult Children

My son recently had his 3rd birthday recently and he was so thrilled opening gift after gift of Buzz Lightyear. It was a very easy year to buy gifts as we knew that he was into the whole Buzz Lightyear thing. The only thing we had to be careful about was making sure that we all didn't get the same things! (Of course, that was easy as we were all using the iWishfor app to check to see if the gift ideas had been purchased already.)

It's not always going to be this easy to purchase the perfect gifts for our children and as they become adults, we want to make sure that we are getting them gifts they will actually want and need.

The Huffington Post had a great post recently with some unique suggestions needing gifts for adult children.

Instead of clothes or gadgets, give your kids a present that will save them money, ease their daily grind or brighten their future

In the annals of family gift-giving, I recently hit a home run: I gave my tenure-track professor daughter -- who already has one husband, one child, one dog, one highly competitive job and one small house -- the gift of another “one”: a once-a-fortnight visit by a professional house cleaning service.

My takeaway: If you don't know what to give your grown children for their birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, there’s something to be said for presents that help smooth out life’s daily grind, provide joy or brighten their futures. (I’ll get to some specific suggestions in a second.)

What I Asked My Daughter
Not that I barged in with my gift virtually wrapped in cheery paper. I was wary of presenting my daughter with a service that she might take as criticism of her (and her spouse’s) housekeeping skills. So I asked before I gave and framed the idea this way: Given all the demands on her time, why should she use precious energy vacuuming, dusting and scouring her house when help was available -- help that I could make happen?

Reader, my daughter did not take umbrage. She was thrilled. Seems she had been contemplating hiring a house cleaner and trying to figure out a way to stretch her tight budget to cover the cost.

7 More Great Gift Ideas for Your Adult Kids
Here are seven other gift ideas for grown children that friends and acquaintances have told me about. Each one can help and delight your kid, whether he or she is struggling financially or could just use the lift of a little indulgence.

Car payments According to a recent Pew Research study, about a third of adults under 35 owe money on vehicles. If your child is one of them, why not help shrink or eliminate that debt by paying off all or some of that loan?

You could either take over the payments or write a check for the outstanding amount.

As a college graduation gift, a California couple I know made their daughter’s car payments for a year.

Tickets With their tight budgets, many of our adult children don’t spend money exposing themselves to theater, ballet or concerts at symphony hall. That’s a shame, but it’s also a problem you could remedy.

A Maryland couple, whose recently married daughter lives in Brooklyn, gave the newlyweds tickets to a Broadway show to celebrate their first anniversary, splurging on center-aisle orchestra seats. “I wanted to give them something they would never indulge in for themselves,” the mom says.

Similarly, a mother-grandmother in Washington, D.C., likes to give her daughter and son-in-law tickets to concerts at area theaters; she also throws in her free services as baby-sitter.

Home cooking When her son and daughter-in-law had their third child, one Maryland mom didn’t rush out to buy a layette or cuddly teddy bear for her latest grandson. Instead, she cooked a month’s worth of dinners and transferred them, a week’s worth at a time, to the couple’s freezer.
“When I came by, my now-empty plastic containers from the previous week would be in a shopping bag,” this mom says. “They’d leave a note in there that said, 'Here they are, fill 'em up.’” The note made her feel appreciated and a welcome part of her son’s family.

Baby-sitting chits Making a vague offer to baby-sit is kind. But you’ll score more points giving the parents of young children baby-sitting chits for your services: written notes promising anything from a weekend baby-sit so the couple can get away to a dozen evenings of sitting in the coming year.

If you live far from your adult child, substitute cash for the chits -- say, $100 to cover local sitters for several “date nights” or a few afternoons out for a stay-at-home parent who could use a break.

Don’t think of this as just a baby-sitting gift; it’s a present that will help keep your grown child’s marriage fresh.

Day care Your grandkids are a joy, but they’re also an expense for working parents. Some of my friends say their adult children were extremely grateful when their parents paid for all or part of their day care costs for a year. One friend offered to pay half so her daughter wouldn’t feel she had to scrimp on the care for her twins.

A retirement account I know: The last thing our recent college grads are thinking about is retirement. But as another Next Avenue story pointed out, opening and financing a Roth IRA or RRSP for your grown child is a gift that will last a lifetime.

A way to help your child help others If you have an adult child with a big heart, set up and finance an account in his or her name on a website, like Kiva, that makes micro loans to small-business entrepreneurs in third world countries who want to expand their fledgling enterprises.

As the recipients of those loans repay them to your child, your kid can choose to keep the money. Alternatively, he or she can instead leave the cash in the Kiva fund, reinvest it to assist other entrepreneurs and, in the true spirit of gift-giving, pay it forward.
These are all great ideas that adult children can enjoy and are practical ways to show your care and love. This is also another reason why we created the iWishfor app. With the iWishfor app, your children can scan or take pictures of the things they want and need so that you never have to worry about what they want even as they get older. Whether it's something they need for the house or that new book they've been holding out for, the iWishfor app can be a great way for your family to save and share gift ideas for any occasion.

Looking for a easy way to share gift ideas with family and friends? Check out our wish list app for saving and sharing gift ideas!!! iWishfor will save you time and pain and help you buy the perfect gift every time! Head over to and get started! 

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

First Anniversary? 17 Paper Gift Ideas for that Big Day

Cover of "Your First Year of Marriage"
It's been awhile since I had to think of a gift for our first wedding anniversary (I'm going on my seventh). However, I do remember that there was a lot of stress on my part trying to find the perfect gift for our wedding anniversary. What made it harder was that I wanted to follow the traditional gift giving ritual of certain types of gifts depending on the year of the anniversary.

Being that it was our first, I also didn't want to mess things. So, needless to say, finding the perfect gift was not easy. This of course was before the days of the iWishfor app! If I had had the app, I could have just been saving ideas throughout the year or getting great ideas from the Trending Ideas page.

Not having that luxury, I had to go it alone. So the iWishfor teamed got together and brainstormed some great ideas to save you, our dear readers, the time and stress finding perfect gifts for your first anniversary. Below are

17 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Featuring Paper:

  1. A newspaper: Pop out on the morning of your anniversary to buy a newspaper dated with your anniversary to present with breakfast in bed.
  2. Tickets to a show: Whether it be a theatre show in your local city, or tickets to see his favourite band, he’ll love it.
  3. A photograph or poster: I’ve not stopped looking at my wedding photographs all year, so another picture for our living room or bedroom would be a good idea. Or, what about a poster? Staples has great deals on creating your wedding photo as a poster.
  4. A hand-written poem: Not for the faint of heart but if you can do it, you could create a really romantic gift for your loved one. Take advice from Robert Burns or Shakespeare and write your own romantic love poem.Another idea is to get a fancy quill style pen with the cool ink tip and write your vows on some nice fancy paper. Then glue it on a piece of wedding style paper and frame it. Makes a nice keepsake that can hang on the wall of your bedroom.
  5. A book: Does your partner love to read? What about a book on love stories or poems?

  6. Origami: My husband once bought me an origami figurine which was on sale at our local Chinese restaurant.  Being made of paper, an origami gift could be ideal.

  7. A journal or diary: If your husband loves to write then a journal or a diary could be well received.  Maybe plan on keeping a joint journal about your relationship from now on?
  8. A plane ticket to a romantic destination: If you can afford it then why not buy a couple of plane tickets to a romantic destination! It doesn't even have to be that far away. It can be a hot air balloon ride or a plane ride around the local area.
  9. A personalised calendar:  If you constantly flick through your wedding photographs online, why not choose 12 of your favourites and have them turned into a desk calendar - making your wedding memory last all year.
  10. An invitation to a special dinner or night out: Do you have a favourite restaurant or place that you love to have dinner together? What about an invitation to a picnic?
  11. A travel guide: A book on travel, or a place you’d like to visit with your partner could be a fun, and exciting gift for the year ahead.
  12. A paper packet of seeds to plant: Make your garden look pretty by emptying paper packets of seeds in flowerbeds and plant pots. You could even plant them on your anniversary and watch them grow together.
  13. A map: If you love to travel then why not wrap up a map, which has been pinpointed with heart stickers of destinations you’d love to visit during the second year of your marriage.
  14. A subscription to a magazine: This gift that will keep on giving all year.
  15. A message in a bottle: Write a love message on paper and pop it in an empty glass bottle.  You could even float it in a lovely romantic bath that you’ve run for your partner.
  16. A scratch card or lottery ticket: Pop one in an anniversary card – you never know, you might win!
  17. A scrapbook or photo memory book filled with pictures from your first year of marriage: If you’re anything like me, you’ll take photographs all year round, upload them to your computer and browse through them online from time to time. Why not make use of the images and turn them into a book for your coffee table.
Any of these ideas, or combinations of ideas, can be a great way to celebrate that first magical year of marriage together. If you see any great ideas, don't forget to add them to your iWishfor list, where you keep all your ideas organized and safe for when you need them!

Looking for a easy way to share gift ideas with family and friends? Check out our wish list app for saving and sharing gift ideas!!! iWishfor will save you time and pain and help you buy the perfect gift every time! Head over to and get started! 

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