Sunday, 23 October 2011

Accomplish Goals with iWishfor!

Here at iWishfor, we're all about accomplishing goals. Whether it is getting everyone the perfect gift and organizing your shopping or getting your tasks and goals completed, there is a certain satisfaction with getting things done.

That's why we're really into! This is a great site for developing, tracking and accomplishing your goals in a time period. The easy to use and well designed interface allows you to easily see your goals. As you work on them, the site tracks how you are doing towards reaching your goals. You can add photos, videos and and share your goals with the community. As the site says, "It's about making steps toward your life goals in measurable increments".

We think that this is a great system that would partner incredibly well with iWishfor. Add goals for events and holidays through and use iWishfor to help you keep track of the items you need to purchase! Truly the best of both worlds!

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