Saturday, 31 March 2012

Top 5 April Fool's Day Gag Gifts

The iWishfor team always loves it when April Fool's Day comes around. While the team won't publish any spoilers and ruin the fun for tomorrow, we thought we would post some of our favourite gag gifts that will help you make tomorrow a lasting memory (hopefully not a bad memory!).

1. The Amazingly Un-scary But Scream Inducing Remote Control Rat (Amazon): Rats always seem to bring out the best in people. Guaranteed to bring out screams and general chaos in any home, this can be a fun gift. What is really fun is to see how your family tries to get rid of it! Extra points if you use it in your business or store!

2. Mouldy Bags (Thinkofthe): If you are the one that prepares the lunches at home, this can be a fun gag. On one side, the sandwich looks perfectly normal. On the flip side, the bag has a mouldy look to it.

3. The Remote Ninja (Thinkgeek): If someone in your house is always hogging the remote, this little device can not only bring some fun to the house on April Fool's but can also be a useful little tool at any time during the rest of the year, particularly if you have teenagers in the house that seem to be glued to the TV. This little device will:

  • allow you to control virtually any TV or digital camera
  • work up to 400 feet away (You don't want to be seen pranking, naturally)
  • cause TV to change channels and volume at random for 5-15 minutes
  • block all other remotes from controlling the TV
  • Take control of all TV functions
4. Scary Shower Curtain (Thinkgeek): This is a gift best used in the morning. I would make sure that you were up as well as you might be rudely awakened in the morning as your wife or other family members groggily make their way to their morning shower.

5. KGB Invisible Ink (Thinkgeek): Not only is this a great gift but it also has some history to it as well. Apparently the ink was developed during the Cold War by the KGB. The pen looks just like a real pen but the ink is guareenteed to disappear after 48hrs. Just make sure it is not being used for anything really important like that new $1,000,000 contract.

Whatever you do, just make sure it's fun and safe for everyone! 

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