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Eco-friendly Gifts for Mothers Day 2012

Mothers Day is just around the corner and, whether you are a seasoned professional at finding gifts for your special loved one or struggle every year to find that perfect gift to show your appreciation and love, you know the difficulty in finding a gift that is just right for them. Most of us go with the ol' stand-by's where we fix up a nice breakfast in bed, some flowers and take the kids out so Mom can have a nice quiet relaxing day. For some mothers, just sleeping in and relaxing all day is all they want – a day to just escape the hectic and often challenging life of a 21st century mom.

However, most of us would like to do more for the mom(s) in our lives. If you are anything like me, you are always looking for new ways to show our appreciation but it can be hard to get past the trite and canned ideas that are usually touted as the best ideas for mothers. We want to find something special, unique and personal to show our mothers just how grateful we are for all that they do to enrich our lives.

With the environment becoming an increasingly important issue and more and more people looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious, why not give the mom(s) in your life an eco-friendly gift that also helps out Mother Earth!

Whether it is an eco-friendly bag or other eco-friendly gift, this list of suggestions will help you find the perfect eco-friendly gift that your mom(s) will appreciate and that will continue to last long after Mothers Day 2012 has come and gone.

Pamper Mom With Organic Beauty Products

Take the kids out and let Mom relax in the evening with some nice organic beauty products for the bath and skin. There are lots of nice organic products that are available in any Walmart, Shopper's Drug Mart or any other well known store. Prices will vary but you should be able to put together a reasonably priced set of products your mom will love. You may also check some of your local shops that specialize in brands and products not found in the larger chain store. These types of small businesses will also have more expertise and can help you find the perfect products. For some ideas you can check out, Avalon Organics or Origins to find ideas and purchase organic products right online.

Buy Mom a Flowering Plant, Bush or Small Tree

For those moms who have green thumbs, purchasing them a nice flowering plant, bush or small tree can be very special. If you have children, planting a small tree or bush to represent each child can something your mom can treasure for years to come.Your local garden nursery will have lots of ideas for you on the appropriate plant for your area and climate. Even a nice herb window planter can be inspiring and beautiful!


Organic Chocolates

I don't think that it is any secret that women love chocolate. There is something about chocolate that is soothing and elicits cries of happiness. For an environmentally conscious angle on buying chocolates this year, look for organic chocolates. Some of the many retailers of fine chocolates supply organic chocolates. Not only that but if you are purchasing online, you have access to a wider assortment of smaller boutique chocolate makers. Soma chocolate makers have a large assortment of chocolates that you can purchase online, as well as Theo chocolates.

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Re-Usable Tote Bags - Chicobags

If you have a family, you know that your wife or mother is always having to carry things around. Grocery bags are good in a pinch but tend to rip easily (is it just me, or have they gotten thinner and weaker over time?), often leaving them with items all over the ground, kids crying and a frustrated mom holding a broken bag. Why not give her a nice reusable bag? What if I said I knew where you could not only get a strong reusable bag but a bag that was beautifully designed with lots of choices for designs; a bag that fit their personality? You'd like that? Well, Chicobags has a huge variety of bags and holders with a huge variety of beautiful designs to fit any type of mom. Now your mom can walk in style with all the things she needs to carry.

Handprint Heart Picture

One of our wonderful iWishfor Team members, Makena, suggested this easy but beautiful craft for those who have kids. Simply take get some nice water colour paper, which you can get from Michael's or any local art store. Taking each of your kids, have them ball their hands into a fist and dip the edge of their hand in the red paint. Place the edge of the hand on the paper where you want the heart to appear. Do the same with the other hand, placing it beside the first one on the paper. The two fist prints will make a lovely print of a heart. You can do multiple hands on one paper, spacing them out so they do not crowd each other. When you are done, select a nice frame and hang it on the wall. Makena's family also wrote the date and occasion on the bottom of the picture before framing. She says it is a beautiful reminder of why being a mother is something to cherish.


Donation to a women-friendly cause 

An interesting alternative to the traditional gifts, is to support a women's cause. For mother's who are more politically involved or concerned about women's issues, this can be a great heartwarming gift for them. It can even be nice for moms who sometimes feel overwhelmed with clutter and don't want more gifts that will just fill up more space! You can find lots of women-issue organizations, including female survivors of war, women-led organizations across the globe, and human rights for women and families. Or go local and find a women’s organization in your state here — you can also give some time if your pockets are thin. Another idea for moms who are animal lovers, is to adopt an animal in their name. This a great idea for the whole family as well. If you have a local zoo, many have programs to adopt one of the animals, which you can then visit with the kids. There are also organizations online like WWF, where you can easily find an animal to adopt. You often get a package in the mail with lots of information and treats for the kids.

Organic Wine and Food basket With Hidden Bonus! 

One of my favorite things to do, is to go out to the local market or small local farms and find some nice organic treats. We have a number of local markets where you can pick up organic meats and cheese. I take those items and arrange it in a nice basket with some tasty organic wine. Your local wine store will be able to help point you to the wines that are made organically. The hidden bonus is to take the basket and your wife or mother out on a special picnic without the children and just spend some time with her. You will also need some cutlery, napkins, a blanket to place on the ground and some cups to drink from. Listen to her, have some nice alone time away from the kids and just let her know how special she is.

Any one of these ideas would be great for those who are looking for more eco-friendly gifts while, at the same, showing their moms how much they appreciate them. No matter what you get, though, anything that is personal and unique to your loved one, will speak volumes to how much you appreciate them. When you think about all the things that moms do, or have done for us, don't they deserve that shows how special and loved they are?

Ian Hancock is the founder of iWishfor.

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