Monday, 28 May 2012

The Growing Power of Mobile Marketing? (Infographic)

One of our iWishfor friends recently sent us this interesting infographic on mobile devices and the mobile marketing trend that is happening. Companies and brands desperately want to gain a competitive edge in the mobile marketing. Why you may ask? As the infographic below shows, more and more consumers have mobile devices which they carry with them everywhere. Take a look at some more of the stats:

Still not convinced? The day of their IPO, Facebook bought the social gift giving app, Karma for an undisclosed amount. But you have to think that the mobile marketing platform Karma was built on didn't come cheaply.

So, what does this tell us? Why did Facebook make Karma one of it's first post-IPO purchases?

Brands and companies recognize that the internet is an important space to connect to consumers. We've seen social media and digital marketing in many forms; from banner ads, email marketing and pop-ups to Facebook pages and blogs dedicated to putting a more friendly face on companies. However, particularly in light of GM pulling out of using Facebook ads, more and more companies are finding it difficult to use social media and digital marketing to give them that competitive advantage of being able to connect directly to targeted profiles.

This is why mobile marketing is so important and why mobile devices and cell phones will be the next bastion of hope for companies looking to make inroads in converting users into consumers. And the secret to all this?

Social Marketing. But it's not really a secret. Companies just have not figured out how to use social marketing as an effective mobile marketing platform. The infographic cites how important this is becoming as the next and probably most important way to leverage social media and social apps to promote digital marketing on cell phones.

And that is why apps like Karma and up and coming apps like iWishfor are important to companies like Facebook. They bring mobile marketing to users as an integral part of helping users solve everyday problems. Instead of just flashing ads at users, they allow users an opportunity to see how this social marketing can help them in their everyday lives. Have a birthday coming up? iWishfor can not only give you a list of things that your friends want, but now, because of our connection to major brands and retailers, we can use social marketing to convert the user to a consumer, purchasing products through the app; not because we shoved an add in front of you, but because we put the social marketing in a context that made that product important to the user.

The more that social media can do this, the more successful they will become in leveraging the integral role that mobile devices in bringing relevant digital marketing to users.
Ian Hancock is the founder of iWishfor.

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