Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mobile Devices: Has Mobile Marketing's Gold Rush Arrived?

We loved this post we found on mobile marketing on ReadWriteWeb. One of the things we are trying to do with our new iWishfor app is, not only make it super easy for users to create and share wishlists of their favorite products, but also disrupt the traditional mobile marketing platform. Mobile marketing has traditionally been about throwing magazine style or tiny banner ads on mobile devices and hope for the best. No one likes this approach and consumers tend to get turned off by this type of approach to advertising. What if it could be different? What if adverting became more individualized connecting to the actual real-time values and desires of the consumer?

Dan Rowinski, from ReadWriteWeb, has a interesting perspective on the growing significance and importance of creating new marketing channels and marketing strategies in the mobile space, that we are totally in agreement with:
The beauty of mobile devices from a marketing perspective is that you can reach consumers at a more personal level – right in their pockets. The Holy Grail of marketers used to be a home telephone number and address. Direct mail and telemarketing, despite being some of the most hated forms of advertising, are historically effective. Now mobile takes marketers closer to consumers than direct mail ever will.

But mobile isn't just one marketing channel. It's several. Think about how you use your smartphone. You use apps, you search the Net, you visit websites. You text friends and family.

We all hate flyers, telemarketers and cold calls. Why is that? It's because there is a lack of relevancy between the marketer or marketing strategies and the person they are selling to. Typically you are being bombarded at the worst time possible (doesn't it always seem like that?) and there is no connection between the sell and the product. It can be hours or days between when you last engaged with the product and any advertising directed towards the product. It's the scatter-shot approach to marketing that doesn't work on mobile devices.

As Jeff Peden puts it,

The challenge for global brands in mobile is finding relevancy to the various activities a consumer may be performing at any given time.  The misconception is that mobile is a new marketing channel, when in reality it is several new channels, all with vastly different implications for brand marketers,” said Jeff Peden, CEO of Boston-based local advertising startup Crave Labs.

The trend toward mobile marketing and commerce is significant, and it's only going to grow. According to research firm Deloitte, 19% of merchants said they plan to invest $100,000 or more on mobile platforms. The money will go toward building apps, delivering through the various marketing channels that mobile affords and providing services for other businesses. About 22.5% of businesses are seeing the most traction in business-to-business mobile solutions while 33.7% are gaining mobile momentum in the business-to-consumer sector. Overall, 37% of enterprise companies have seen significant impact on their top and bottom line revenue through mobile.

At iWishfor, we want to change the dynamics of mobile marketing by connecting products and business to consumers using marketing strategies that are more relevant to consumers. Mobile devices are one of the most personal things we have. We need to bring that feeling back to the way we look at our marketing strategies. Consumers will love it because now the marketing strategies are focused on their personal needs and wants at times when they are ready to engage with business' and brands. The new marketing channels open to business' and ad networks become more valuable as they see real data and sales of their products through more targeted marketing strategies.

Mobile devices are one of the last holdouts in the marketing space. As marketers and ad networks grapple with the changing landscape, it is safe to assume that whoever gets there first will have a huge advantage. We think that the iWishfor app will be well placed to take advantage of this and help business' and brands reach consumers in new, exciting ways to the benefit of both.

Ian Hancock is the founder of iWishfor and chief wordsmith. You can contact him at!

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