Friday, 3 August 2012

Announcing New App Logo!

With a new version of iWishfor imminent, we thought that it was only appropriate that we design a new logo for our app!

Just to take you through some of our thinking as we designed the new logo, we knew that the original logo that we had (which you can see below), was something that we were going to outgrow eventually.

It was a great look that reflected our initial versions, but was not something that was going to grow with the app as it matured. We also felt that it reflected an app that might be more about selling crafts or something like that.

After thinking and brainstorming (and many, many coffees later), our brilliant designer came up with these two looks, with a little variation.

It was really hard to choose between the two logos. Both were really great looking; slick and really stood out. We all really liked the colour mix of the red and white in both logos. We found that they both stood out when placed on our app screens. It also used a lot more of the red that we used in the app itself.

Initially, we were leaning towards the star image. However, the more we thought about it the more we came to realize that though it was eye-catching. The star on the logo stood out but didn't really reflect the purpose of the app; it didn't say that this app was about gifting. While it could have represented wishes, we felt that that was a harder leap to make when people are quickly scrolling through all the apps.

The logo with the bow became our favorite because it had all the elements that we were looking for. It was slick and beautiful to look at. The colours popped out at you on the screen. The design was simple and eye-catching and the image really represented what the app was about with the image of the gift-bow. We eventually tweaked it a little more to to make the bow itself a little more white but in the end, were really pleased with the image.

The logo will appear in our newest version of the app coming out very soon, along with some other great features. Check back here for more information!

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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