Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fall Fashion Trends for Back to School 2012

So apparently, next week is the beginning of a new school for the majority of students in our area. And apparently, according to all the blogs and sites I don't typically frequent, back to school fashion is a big thing right now. Color me surprised, but students actually spend money on making sure that they look good and are sporting the latest trends in fashion before heading back to the social judgement arena otherwise known as school.

Seriously though, making sure you that you had something new to wear for school before heading back has always been a part of the back to school ritual. I remember heading out to the mall and shopping for something new and trendy to appear cool and on top of the fashion cycle. Didn't always work as sometimes what I thought was fashionable was so last decade in the words of my sister (and now fashion consultant!).

As we are all about saving and sharing our favorite products, we thought we would share some of the trends we have been finding to save and share.

8 Back to School Fashion Trends for Back to School in 2012

1) Denim of All Types

Denim is one of things that is constantly reinventing itself. It has the positive attribute that allows it to be good for any occasion, you can dress it up or be relaxed and, with all the different textures, prints, bright colours and looks you can add to it, denim is the go to for any back to school student looking to fit in. Denim is the single piece of clothing in the closet that works with anything. This year, bright colors in denims are making a splash particularly when coupled with a neutral top. School fashion has always included denim and the fall fashion this year has all types of denim on the tops of everyone's list.

2) Layered Bracelets

Accessorizing with layered bracelets is an interesting fall fashion trend. However, this back to school fashion season includes lots of like for layered bracelets for both women and men. Layered bracelets can add a different splash to your ensemble and finish off that look you are going for.

3) Jackets

Just recently, I have been really getting into looking into the different kinds of jackets available for the fall fashion season. I tend to lean more towards the duffel coat with or without the hood. It's fashionable and usable for both fancy occasions or just going around town. I also love my Scottee Vest coat with all the pockets (I have a bit of a fetish for things with lots of pockets, I admit. I just have so much stuff I end up having to carry with me from day to day!). This year, the back to school fashion includes a wide variety of jackets including the standard leather coat, bomber jackets. and the varsity jacket for that fun collegiate look. As always, fall fashion should also be practical as the weather changes. It really doesn't look cool to stand around looking like your extremities are about to fall off from frost bite and attempt to converse as your jaw falls off from all the chattering.

4) Prints

From floral and tribal to plaid, prints are a fall fashion that adds variety and uniqueness to any wardrobe. School fashion is always about standing out in a fashionable way that doesn't make you look like you are trying too hard, and prints can do that safely. You can go all out or add a few separates to spice up your wardrobe.

5) Boots and Fancy Footwear

The textured leather look is definitely a part of the school fashion trend this year. Whether it's casual shoe-wear or leather boots up to the top of your calves, leather footwear can be very versatile. If you are looking for more comfort that stands out and tells others that you are unique and don't care about following fashion trends (while at the same time, following those trends), bright colors in shoes can spruce up any outfit. Wear them with boot cut jeans to sport that low key rocker look or find some nice flats that will work for any occasion while still adding some flare. School fashion also needs to be about comfort so make sure you are adding something to your wardrobe that will last you through the day and not leave you with sore legs.

6) Accessories

Bright colors in book bags, iphone cases and other accessories can help round out your look and make sure that all the work you have put into your wardrobe is overshadowed by old, dowdy looking bags from years past. With iphones so ubiquitous, lots of designers are getting into helping people dress up their technology in really cool unique ways. They are a relatively cheap way to add style to the important tools you use everyday. With book bags, the challenge is making something that needs to be able to handle heavy books and other items look fashionable. The big trend this year in school fashion is not to try to hide them with dark colors, but instead highlight their importance as a fashion accessory using bright colors. Scarves are also in as a way to texture your wardrobe and keep you warm.

7) Headbands

Yes, headbands are also an accessory, but they have been getting more notice recently as a way to quickly and easily add quirky back to school fashion look to your hair without having to get too extreme. From a simple beanie hat to headbands sporting a simple floral, headbands are great way to highlight your face. The challenge of course, with fall fashion, is getting in all the use you can out of your headbands before having to switch to a warmer type of hat.

8) Don't forget the Guys!

While trends for the fall season seem to lean more towards the ladies, we can't forget that guys also want to look good too, without seeming like they are trying too hard. Bright colors in pants and shoes also work well for guys. However, suede chukka shoes with boot cut jeans are a positive look allowing guys to sport that relaxed yet trendy look. They are also good for any occasion or event, though they can be hard to maintain. Messenger bags are also a great look to replace the traditional backpack. While still holding a huge amount of material, they add a more sophisticated look and style to any guy. Finally, the traditional button down shirt, in either solid or plaid, is still a great, versatile look for men. You can add a jacket to it or just wear it on it's own.

It's a fine line between looking trendy and sophisticated but not looking like you are trying too hard as you head back to school! These fashion ideas can help you balance your look and still have the functionality, versatility and comfortableness you need to get through the school day!

What are you adding to your iWishfor list for fall back to school fashions? Share with us in the comments!

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