Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Adding Images to iWishfor Manually!

Did you know . . . that you can add a picture to a product in the iWishfor app even if you are adding the object manually?

In iWishfor, you have the option to add an item manually. This is a great way to add anything you want, even if the
item is not found by our awesome barcode system. You can even add a picture to the item you are adding, quickly and easily!

Just follow these quick and easy steps:

1) Open the iWishfor app
2) Click "Add Want"
3) Select "From Scratch"
4) Enter the product information
5) Tap the image of the camera in the far left corner
6) Now you can add your image either by taking a picture of it right from your camera or add a picture from your Photo Album!

Now your product list doesn't have to look dreary with missing pictures. It's that easy!