Monday, 8 October 2012

5 Photo Gift Ideas For More Personalized Gifts

At iWishfor, One of the things our team loves to do on our off-time is digital photography; taking photos and giving them as a photo gift. we love new and wonderful products that take ordinary things and make them extraordinary. In fact, you can find quite a few on our iWishfor gift lists!  Our founder is an amateur photographer who loves taking a break and get out to take photos of the beautiful fall landscape. And recently, he has been doing more digital photography with his iphone. However, until recently, all he did with the photos was upload them to the computer and leave them there to disappear amidst the bits and bytes. There was nothing about taking ordinary digital photos and making them extraordinary.

As we were working on the iWishfor app, our thoughts turned to digital photography (especially with the iphone)  and how we could take ordinary digital photos and make them into personalized gifts; things like birthday gifts, Christmas or other photo gift ideas. So, we turned our thoughts to finding some ways to make photos into gifts for others. Photo gifts can make great birthday gifts

5 Sources for Photo Gift Ideas For More Personalized Gifts

  1. Stickygrams: We loved this idea of taking our favorite instagram photos and re-purposing them as photo gift magnets for the fridge as birthday gifts or other personalized gifts . The site is easy to use and navigate and we had our images uploaded and ready in no time. The hardest part was choosing which photos we wanted to use! Not only was the service easy to use but the prices were reasonable and shipping was free, even from the U.K. to Canada! The magnets were well made and look awesome on the fridge. These are great stocking stuffers or other photo gift ideas for the family and they get those instagram photos that are just sitting on your phone out into the wild!

  2. Stitchtagram: A very similar idea from the first one, stitchagram takes your instagram photos and puts them onto cloth items including a tote bag, throw pillow, coin purse or wristlet. Great idea as personalized gifts. Prices vary from around $28 to $82.

  3. Canvaspop: Using instagram, which seems to have developed quite a large third party marketplace following for digital photography using the smartphone, you can easily take your instagram photos and print them on canvas as birthday gifts or another kind of photo gift for your loved ones or yourself. This can be a really neat idea with your photos that are more artistic. Prices start at around $30 and go all the way up to $419 (without shipping we would imagine). The sites says that you can get FREE shipping anywhere in the USA or Canada when you spend over $150. Otherwise pay just $14 flat rate shipping.You can choose from a single panel, diptych, triptych or Quad layout. There are lots of other options available for your photo gift. They also use a technology that creates nice images even if the images themselves are of poor quality. Makes a great photo gift that looks great on the walls and allows you to look very creative and possible mistaken for a digital photography specialist.

  4. iPhone case: If you have an iphone (and apparently there are a few of us who do), a really neat option is to use your photos to make a iphone case and give it as a photo gift. You probably need a case or want a case, so why not not get one that reflects you. Prices start at about $29 for a case. It makes great birthday gifts for your wife, grandparents or other family members.

  5. Photo books: There are a number of great sites in which you can take your photos and make them into photo books. All the services do a great job and they make great gifts for any occasion. The bigger ones are the books you can make through iphoto, which are very easy to make but look splendid. However, there are lots of other great sites competing for your attention. Shutterfly is one where you can make some really nice books and add overlays and other items to make it more like a scrapbook style. Or there is Pastbooks, which is a fairly new site that takes your instagram and facebook photos and adds some neat timeline graphics/stats to make it very unique. Pastbooks start at about 30 British pounds. Your books are done in Hardcover using high quality printing and you get Up to 100 page in fine-resolution. The nice thing is that Worldwide shipping is included though it takes about 15 days to actually ship.

  6. Bonus: If you are looking for a really interesting DIY idea for using your photos, why not try making your own scratch off photos like the lottery cards. Photojojo has a great set of instructions for making your own scratch off images using black acrylic paint and dish soap. Basically, take 1 part dish soap and mix with two parts acrylic paint. We have black here but you could do it with any colour. Mix the two together and paint onto the image. Do one layer and let dry, then paint another layer on top. You can see complete directions here.
Taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary is something that we always love to do and now, you have a bunch of ways to take those photos that either gather dust on your shelf or in a photo album and breathes new life and inspiration into them! These are gifts for any occasion and will be sure to bring a smile on the face of whoever they are given too. Anyway, we have some photo purses and iphone cases to make, so we'll leave you with a reminder to add yoru favorite photo gift ideas to your iWishfor list. And if you don't have iWishfor yet or know how cool the iWishfor app is, be sure to click on the banner image below to check us out!