Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Holiday shopping: What women want, men don't give

Great article from Yahoo News/CNN Money online on Sunday:
When it comes to gifts, it's not the thought that counts. At least not in America's wealthiest households.
Two-thirds of affluent American women want gift cards. But less than a fifth of men will give it to them, according to a report from American Express Publishing and the Harrison Group out Thursday.
Instead, 70% of women are gifted clothing or jewelry.
A survey of 625 households that represent the top 10% of the nation's wage earners found a wide gap between between what people want and what they will actually get.
Men should also lower their expectations. They want food and alcohol -- a third are hoping for gourmet foods and fine wine, and another third want gift cards. But women like to give none of those -- 30% are expected to give clothing, and another 15% books.
What wealthy shoppers are better suited for will be giving gifts to themselves.
Nearly half of women said they were extremely, or very likely, to buy themselves presents this holiday season. A third of men have similar intentions.
"Perhaps America is giving itself a bonus this year," said Jim Taylor, vice chairman of Harrison Group, in a statement.
Holiday retail sales are expected to increase 4.1% this year, according to estimates from the National Retail Federation. That's the most optimistic forecast from the group since the recession.
The American Express and Harrison Group survey found that gift giving will be down overall this year, but the top 10% will spend nearly 22% more on gifts this year than they did in 2011.
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With men making the common mistake thinking that the 70% of women want jewelry or clothing, why not let the iWishfor app help you get what your partner really wants?