Wednesday, 31 October 2012

iWishfor Announces Winner of Techbrew Contest

iWishfor was extremely excited to be a part of the recent BCTIA Techbrew event in downtown Vancouver hosted by BCTIA.

The BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) is an industry-funded organization promoting the growth of British Columbia's knowledge economy. With a membership of over 2,700 companies, employing more than 60,000 workers in business of all sizes and sectors, the BCTIA is the largest tech association in the province. The BCTIA delivers programs and services that assist in the growth and success of its members.

Bringing together the coolest new technologies, cutting-edge innovators and influential decision-makers, the annual BCTIA Techbrew event helps draw attention to the startup community within the Lower Mainland and the exciting new ideas being formed and built as businesses.
As a member of the Centre4Growth (part of the BCTIA), iWishfor was proud to be invited to participate in the BCTIA Techbrew event as one of the featured startups. To celebrate the BCTIA Techbrew event, iWishfor created a contest giving away fabulous prizes to participants who downloaded and registered for the iWishfor. Prizes included two fashionable shirts provided by the men's clothing store, Launchmens in Abbotsford and a iPad Tote bag. iWishfor thanks Launchmen's for providing the shirts for the event contest.

Following the event, founder Ian Hancock spoke about the event.

This event was very much a success for iWishfor. We were so thrilled to not only be selected as a featured company here at the BCTIA Techbrew event, but we were also really happy with the response and interest in the iWishfor app. We had a really exciting number of registrations during the event and even following the event as people invited their friends and family to download and use the app. I think it was a really positive event for us.  

Following the event, founder's Ian Hancock and Nathan Leggatt randomly chose a winner from the registrations collected that evening. iWishfor would like to extend congratulations to Amee from Coquitlam as the winner of a Fred Perry shirt.

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