Thursday, 29 November 2012

iWishfor Featured At Learnboost!

Continuing on our amazing run of mentions, the great folks at Learnboost have posted a very nice article featuring iWishfor's founder and CEO, Ian Hancock. Learnboost is a fantastic resource for teachers looking for an easier way to record student marks, progress and generally organize your classroom logistics. As an educator and administrator, Ian was impressed with the focus on simplicity, ease of use, as well as working hard on creating a beautiful project, which we have tried to carry through on in our iWishfor App.

Being a start-up like iWishfor, Learnboost offered to profile iWishfor on their blog to highlight teachers who have gone on to be entrepreneurs and take on new challenges in their lives.

Here is a snapshot of the article:
We are in constant connection with teachers who want to bring their innovations to a broader audience, both from the classroom and by stepping out to scale their entrepreneurial work. One of LearnBoost’s initial power users, Ian Hancock, has decided to take his tech savviness to new heights with a move toward teacherpreneurism. We wanted to say thanks to Ian for being such a fantastic teacher and let him share his journey from teacher to entrepreneur. Here’s what Ian has to say about the launch of his first app, iWishfor!
Read the rest of the article on the Learnboost blog by clicking here!