Monday, 12 November 2012

iWishfor Goes Waterskiing!

This past weekend, the iWishfor team took some time to refresh and have some fun. We got up insanely early and headed out the local lake on a chilly November morning to do some waterskiing!

It was a beautiful morning on a very calm lake. We had the whole lake to ourselves and got to spend some great quality time as a team away from our computers. As a team in a startup, it is very important that you take some time just to have fun. You spend a lot of time working very closely with other in a startup in a very high pressured, focused and constantly fluctuating environment with a great deal of highs and lows.

We wanted to get away from that for a bit and just have some fun time. It was a great time and, over Eggs Benedict afterwards, had some leisurely time to talk lightheartedly and get to know each other better.

Here are some pictures from the waterskiiing fun!

Our developer, Tyler, thinking about taking the plunge!
Beautiful morning on the lake!
Another view of the lake from the boat!

Co-founder, Nathan Leggatt and Tyler Schwartz talking about iWishfor!
Tyler getting ready to waterski for the first time!

On the water and standing!


It was a fun day out for the iWishfor team and now we are hard at work again getting our new version ready for release. Keep your eyes out in the next couple of weeks, as we get ready to release a beautiful new version of the iWishfor app that will rock! 
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