Monday, 26 November 2012

iWishfor Highlighted On Betakit!

iWishfor App Recently Profiled on Betakit site!

iWishfor was recently highlighted in an article on the Betakit site. Profiling technology stories, betakit recently wrote on the various tools available for shoppers this holiday season. Describing iWishfor, Betakit wrote that iWishfor has:
emerged to help people find the perfect present for friends and family any time of year...(and) is a free iPhone app that allows people to save and share gift ideas with their family and friends. When users see something they like or want to give as a gift, they can scan the barcode to save it on their wishlist, and then share the list.
We couldn't agree with them more! We are all about just wanting to help people enjoy the holidays more and make gift shopping fun and easy again. We are hearing over and over, people telling us how much the iWishfor app has already helped them to be less stressed out this holiday!

You can check out the article here!

Don't forget about the version of iWishfor now out on Android! You can find it by going to the Google Play App Store!