Thursday, 15 November 2012

Unique Ideas for Gifts: Bond Street Clock

If you didn't already know, in the next couple of weeks we will releasing a new version of the iWishfor app! We're so excited and one of the fun new things that we are adding is the Ideas list; a fun way to check out all the the different items that are being added by users. To celebrate, we will be doing a series of posts showing of some of the more unique items. 

Today's trending gift idea is the Bond Street 18 clock! When I was scrolling through the Ideas list, this gift idea immediately popped out at me. You can buy your boring old clock that sits on the wall telling time. But that's so, like, utilitarian! Boring! Get something that stands out; that says, "I'm not just about telling time, dude!" This clocks speaks to the history of time.

Located in one of London's most fashionable shopping districts, this clock served to remind patrons of the time of day at a busy, turn of the century gentleman's clothier.  The dial face has a black distressed appearance with gold markers, Roman numbers and antique gold spaded hands. This is a great look to add to any house with wall space that needs something to add warmth especially in any type of rustic themed house. As far as clocks go, this has a very distinctive look to it. If you're going to buy a clock for your walls, go for something that makes a statement! Have fun with your time!

If you see something unique and distinctive that you would love to have, scan it or take a picture of it and we might possibly feature it on the blog! Get the perfect gift every time with iWishfor!

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