Monday, 10 December 2012

iWishfor Highlighted in Financial Post!

iWishfor had the great privilege of being highlighted in the Financial Post today. One of two companies featured, iWishfor was highlighted as an innovative company looking to help holiday shoppers make giving gifts fun and easy again! We're also pleased to have been noted as a great tool that can be used throughout the year. With so much focus on holiday gift shopping, it can be easy to forget that we have many occasions throughout the year where we need to give a gift to someone and those occasions can be even harder to find a gift for. That's where iWishfor makes such a great tool for both iPhone and Android users. Now, you have ideas no matter what time of year it is and you can add ideas whenever you want, as you see them.

Erin Bury, who wrote about iWishfor previously for Betakit (which you can read here) and also writes for the Financial Post, describes how,

"Some companies are embracing the holiday shopping season by creating apps aimed at holiday shoppers. Ian Hancock is the founder of iWishFor, a Vancouver-based gift list app for iPhone and Android that lets shoppers add items to a virtual wish list by scanning a barcode or adding an item manually. They can then share their lists with friends and family, who get updates when items are added.
Hancock, who worked for a web development company, got the idea for iWishFor after receiving a “really ugly tie” as a gift. While he wasn’t going to wear it, he felt guilty asking for the receipt, and thought there had to be a way to give gifts people want and need.
“I thought of building an app that you could easily add items you wanted and share that list with people automatically, so that whenever you got to an occasion where you needed to buy a gift for someone, you already had a list of ideas at your fingertips,” he said.
There are alternatives to using his app, namely sending ideas via email or creating a wish list on an ecommerce site such as Amazon, but Hancock said iWishFor is meant to be a year-round thing. The company is still looking for ways to monetize, and Hancock said they are seeing thousands of users and products added every month.
With Christmas around the corner and Boxing Day still a big draw for Canadian shoppers, Canadian small businesses still have lots of time to capitalize on the holiday season before Canadians tighten their budgets in January.

You can read the full article here as well as the betakit article, available here.

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