Thursday, 6 December 2012

Unique Ideas for Gifts: Churchill Leather Recliner!

One of the fun new things that we have added to the iWishfor app is the Ideas list; a fun way to check out all the the different items that are being added by users. To celebrate, we will be doing a series of posts showing of some of our more unique items.

Definitely one of the more expensive gifts on the iWishfor app Ideas list (besides the person who wants Brad Pitt under the tree). Except this one really appealed to me as I have always wanted a library in my home. An actual real library like you see in the mansions of England. Deep, dark wood, a fireplace, walls with ancient paintings of old ships battling the elements; these are the things I would love to have in my home library. However, one of the most important items to decide in the building of your home library, after buying all your books, is the type of furniture. This is very important. You want something not only noble and classy, but also comfortable. A chair you can sink into and engulf yourself in with your favorite romantic novelists like Aenid and Socrates. Just saying.

It has taken a long time for me to find a chair that I thought would suit this purpose but this chair from Restoration Hardware is probably the closest I have come to finding the perfect chair. Even though it isn't cheap, this is something that will last and support that undying reading habit for many years to come!

Check it out here: Churchill Leather Recliner

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