Monday, 3 December 2012

Unique Ideas for Gifts: Hudson' Bay Tobacco Tin Fire Kit!

One of the fun new things that we have added to the iWishfor app is the Ideas list; a fun way to check out all the the different items that are being added by users. To celebrate, we will be doing a series of posts showing of some of our more unique items. 

Now, we're not much for the outdoors at iWishfor. No plugs in the wild outdoors. However, if we were ever to do an iWishfor retreat with the team, we would definitely be bringing one of these along. As advertised on one of my new favorite sites, the,
"Hudson's Bay style tobacco box with flint and steel fire kit includes either a brass or tin plate friction fit authentic Hudson's Bay Company/Northwest Company era tobacco tin with magnifying lens (for lighting your pipe or fire with the sun), a flint, steel striker, charcloth for an ember and jute rope for tinder."
I think that the best thing about this product is the emphasis the site owners place on teaching you the authentic Latin fur trader sayings. You don't want to come across another fur trader, lumberjack, outdoorsman while out in the wilderness and be caught out as an imposter; an outdoorsman wannabee. So make sure you do what the website says and shout "Pro pelle cutem" (we risk our skins to get furs) on your next canoe trip throughout the wilderness, especially when carrying your authentic Hudson's Bay Fire Kit.

Check out the Hudson's Bay Style Tobacco Box Fire Kit here!

If you see something unique and distinctive that you would love to have, scan it or take a picture of it and we might possibly feature it on the blog! Get the perfect gift every time with iWishfor! Now out on Android! Check us out on the Android Google Play App Store!

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