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5 Unique Valentines Gifts for Her

Speaking to the guys here, I hope you're not surprised when I say that Valentines Day is all about her. Whether it's for your wife, your girlfriend or that point where you want to move the relationship past the friendship stage, Valentines Day is the one important day of the year where you need the perfect gift!

It's not an easy day for the guys, though. You can do the traditional things like the dinner out but it's hard to be intimate when you are sharing the restaurant with the rest of world. Chocolates and flowers are nice but standard fare and don't really show how much you love them. Anyone can do that and your loved one is looking for something more personal; something that shows that you have really thought about your relationship and how important it is.

So, the iWishfor team has worked up a set of 5 unique Valentines Gifts for her that will help you with that special day. Throwing in a mix of ideas, here are

5 Unique Valentines Gifts for Her

1. Chocolates - $32.00 and up

If you are going to go for the traditional, and if she is a huge lover of chocolates, getting chocolates that are specially crafted and are unique can be a nice touch to a romantic evening. Doing a search for chocolate artisans can reveal an amazing world of chocolates that are amazing. Most shops that are online will also deliver. Just make sure to leave enough time for them to come to your door. zChocolat is a great site with lots of beautifully packaged chocolates that will take your breath away. If you want something a little less expensive but still personal, the M&M site can create something personalized for you. We did these for our wedding but they can work for any occasion. Just don't go to Walmart to find your chocolates, we beg you!

2. New Bed Sheets - $50.00 and up

This may sound silly as a gift coming from a guy but, trust me, once you have experienced really nice sheets, you'll never want to go back! Even though this is a gift for her, this is a gift that will be for you as well. Nothing is nicer than some really high quality sheets! When you are looking for sheets, look for Egyptian cotton. You'll see lots of choices talking about different thread counts. Don't worry about that. Just know that the higher the thread count, the more comfortable they will be. They will also get more expensive as you go up in thread count but it's worth it and they will last you a long time. I would recommend getting something that complements your room colours. White is nice but does tend to show dirt after awhile.

3. Pajamas - $30.00 and up

New Pajamas can be a nice end to a romantic evening .... or the start of the romantic evening! Pajamas can range in style from nice comfy ones to really intimate pajamas for those special occasions. Something a little different than your standard lingerie. Pajama Gram has a nice range of pajamas of all styles.

4. 12 Ways to Say I Love You Journal - 28.00

We all could use a little help in the romance department from time to time, and this sweet keepsake book from the Uncommon Goods site is a unique way to tell someone you love them. Hand bound in Rhode Island by Jason Thompson, "12 Ways to Say I Love You" is a book which encourages you to explore your relationship and tell your partner how you feel in a creative, personal way. With inspirational teasers such as "My favorite way to spend the day with you..." and "The top five songs that make me think of you...", this little journal has plenty of room for notes, photos and small keepsakes, and is sure to make a big impact with someone you love.

5. Other Ideas - Varying Prices and Time

To round off the list of ideas, here is a set of ideas that not involve just buying a gift. Sometimes a gesture or an activity together can be just as romantic and help create new memories that will last you for lives together!
  • Dine in with a meal that takes just a little time to plan.
  • Clear off all the things on her "honey-do list" that have been piling up.
  • Take her for a couple's massage.
  • Do something for her that she would not do for herself. 
  • Plan a romantic get-away.
  • Plan a romantic treasure hunt to find your gift with hints that relate to your relationship and past history.
  • Build new memories together by planning something that the two of you have never done before
  • Spend the whole day showing her how much you care.  
Whatever you do, make sure that her day is special and that she feels special. You can even use the free iWishfor app to save some of your ideas as you find them throughout the year or see the ideas that she has collected so you are not in panic as you get closer to Valentines Day.

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