Wednesday, 9 January 2013

6 Useful Wedding Planning Checklist

It's not everyday that you see a blog post on the iWishfor blog about wedding planning checklists (in fact, I am pretty sure that we have never done one), and you wouldn't be remiss in wondering what on earth we are doing writing about a wedding planning checklist roundup. However, having just returned from the Wedding Fair in Vancouver, we felt inspired to add some content to our blog to help the bride get ready for that big day.

Of course, we are always into lists of any type at iWishfor, whether they are for gifts or planning, any time we find awesome ways to save time and money, we want to share them.

So, we have rounded up 6 of the best wedding planning checklist we could find. While all of them overlap in many ways, we know that style is important to brides and each of these brings a different flare to the planning process.

Wedding Planning Checklist for Brides

First we'll start with the wedding planning checklist designed as a complete planner with room for all your notes and information.

  1. Martha Stewart Wedding Planning Checklist
    Always the epitome of fashion and style, Martha Stewart can always be counted on to bring something as mundane as a checklist and dress it up to make you wonder how on earth you had ever lived life without it. While it covers the usual items you need to think about, it looks nice and is very pleasing to look at, making you want to use it. The clean design will help you quickly and easily see and find all your important information. It has a wedding budget planner and more.
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  1. Elegala Wedding Planning Checklist
    Even more intense is this workbook from Elegala which is designed to be printed out and put into a binder with lots of room for all your documentation. This workbook doesn't leave anything to chance with lots of space and planning notes to make sure you don't forget anything. And it also prompts you to include all your documents related to your planning so that everything is all in one place. While it may seem overwhelming at first, you quickly get used to it.
  2. Russell and Hazel Wedding Planning Checklist
    Nice in a monochromatic way, this no nonsense wedding planning checklist, covers everything though can sometimes be a bit hard to read.

  3. The simple wedding planning checklist can be found in these examples below. Basically, ones that you can just print off the website, they are nonetheless useful if you want a less fancier version; something quick and dirty to use.

  4. Real Simple Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist
    This is one that gives you the bare bones checklist by months and gives you links to further guides should you want to use the web version. Each checklist item has a little bit of explanation to help draw out what you need.
  5. YourWeddingMagazine Wedding Planning Checklist
    Very simple planning checklist for those who know what they are doing and just need something to check off. This is also split up by month.
  6. MagnetStreet Wedding Planning Checklist
    This is a slightly more designed version that also allows you to personalize it with your names before printing it off if you care about that sort of thing. Otherwise, it's your basic list of essential items you need to do.

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