Thursday, 24 January 2013

iWishfor Featured on CBC Television!

Yesterday, iWishfor was featured on the CBC Vancouver News at 6!

In an interview with Bob Nixon, iWishfor founder, Ian Hancock, had the opportunity to tell viewers about the app and the reaction iWishfor has received recently from users.

At one point in the news feature, Ian illustrated the popularity of the iPhone and Android app by telling a recent story of an exchange between him and an attendee at a Bridal Fair. The interview got most of the story about how the attendee was amazed at what the app did, bursting out with an excited and amazed "shut up!" every time we mentioned a feature of the app and how it was free. However, the interview feature missed the part afterwards, where the lady looked at us and said, "You've just changed my life!".

And that is what iWishfor is trying to do ... change lives one person at a time by helping people find the perfect gift every time. Our mission is to bring the joy back to gift giving by making finding the perfect gift fun and easy again. As mentioned in a previous post, studies show that people are happiest when they tell others what they want and get what they want as gifts.

We're so thankful for being allowed to share our story on the news. It was a fun experience and can't wait to do it again! You can see the full interview below!


Check out the iWishfor app at our website, where you can now register and start creating your own wishlists right from the website!
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