Friday, 25 January 2013

Five Unique Valentines Gifts for Him

So, ladies! Have you found that perfect gift for Valentines for that wonderful boyfriend or husband?

In many ways, guys have it easy on Valentines. We know that we can't usually go too wrong with a box of nice chocolates, some flowers, maybe a nice dinner out with a nice card. Women usually have fairly low expectations for guys (Not saying that's right, but...). It's harder for a lady to find a nice gift for Valentines that isn't sappy or too overly emotion laden.

So the iWishfor team has once again scoured the internet to find some nice gifts for that favorite gentleman of yours. Here are:

Seven Unique Valentines Gifts for Him

WeWood Jupiter Watch - 119.00

This is a really cool and unique watch that will definitely look stylish on your boyfriend or husband. And, whenever he looks at it, it will remind him of that fact that you spent time looking for something unique. The WeWood watch boasts an angular square face, two analog movements and a linked wooden band in Tazmanian Blackwood. WeWOOD is teamed up with American Forests and, through its Global Releaf Program, plants a tree for every watch sold. WeWOOD is the eco-chic timepiece made of 100% natural wood. WeWOOD fashions its watches with mostly salvaged woods and utilizes state-of-the-art Miyota movements. Canvass Prints - Starting at 39.95

If your boyfriend or husband is into photography and uses instagram, this is a neat present that is very personal. Take an instagram pic and instantly transform it into a unique piece of art that you can hang to show off the talents of your favorite person. Create stunningly beautiful objects directly from your Instagram feed. Just choose your favorite picture, select a few options, and in days your masterpiece will be at your door. Their photo technology creates crystal clear, crisp art every time and is printed on professional-grade materials.

Northern Brewer's White House Honey Ale Beer Kit- $47.98

This a great gift that can continue giving joy after the the big day. A unique Valentines gift, this beer, first customized and brewed by the White House kitchen staff, is now available by popular demand as a Northern Brewer kit. Built on a big foundation of malt with strong tones of biscuit and toffee, the Honey Ale plays up the fruity, caramel aspects of English malt and yeast. But much like the Founding Fathers would have spiced up traditional style ales with homegrown ingredients, a late addition of pure honey adds a revolutionary twist. Declare your independence from mediocre beers with this historic White House Homebrew!

Vintage Cufflinks - Varies

Another very unique and personal gift is to get some vintage cufflinks. While men don't wear them everyday, they are nice to have when dressed up for that Valentine's Dinner! Doing a search for vintage cufflinks is the easy part. Actually choosing one to purchase from the vast multitudes available is the fun part! Just make sure they are not too flamboyant. Something stylish and subtle will be more to the average man's taste and, if there is also a story behind them, even better! Local antique stores are also a good source for vintage cufflinks. 

Love Letter Envelope - about $50.00

For something a little sappier, get your boyfriend or husband a nice leather pouch or envelope. Take all those love letters you have written over the years or months and put them in the envelope as a nice keepsake and to keep them safe or write some nice love letters and put them in there to give on Valentine's day. Creates a lovely keepsake that your loved one can pull out when they need some encouragement. And it will create just the right touch if you use a really manly looking pouch to store them in.

A nice Valentine's gift can be a very romantic touch to a romantic day. Presented before or after a nice dinner, a romantic gift can become a treasured keepsake in the years to come! Check out for more great ideas for Valentine's gifts!

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