Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sharing Gifts for a Wedding With iWishfor

The iWishfor team had a great time interacting with attendees at the 2013 Wedding Fair in Vancouver, BC this past weekend! We heard a lot of enthusiasm for iWishfor with many stating that iWishfor was the best thing they had ever seen at the Wedding Fair to help them share their list of gifts for a wedding!

Over and over, brides told us that our card was going into their purse, where only the best things went! They were really excited to hear of a solution for sharing all their ideas for gifts for a wedding in one place that was free, easy to use and, of course, could have items added from any store. So many times, we heard brides saying that they were tired of being forced to create a gift registry from one store and one set of products. iWishfor was the perfect way to create a wedding gift registry of all their gifts for a wedding from all their favorite stores and products. Of course, we were just thrilled to be there sharing iWishfor with not only brides, but everyone who has ever needed to buy gifts for a wedding or any other occasion but had no clue what to get them. Our mission is always to bring the joy back to gift gifting, no matter what the occasion is, by making finding the perfect gift fun and easy!

We had a fabulous time and are now looking forward to the "It's My Wedding" event at the Abbotsford Tradex, January 12 and 13th! Come check us out and let us help you find gifts for a wedding or any other occasion!

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