Monday, 18 March 2013

16 Ideas for Boyfriend Birthday Gifts

Find the perfect gift for your guy for any occasion.

When it comes to giving gifts, we love how generally low-maintenance men tend to be. We could wrap up an iTunes gift card, slap a bow on a bottle of bourbon, or even throw together a basket of homemade cookies, and they'd be happy, mostly.

But what happens when your man has all the latest toys, or a tie just won't do on your big anniversary (no matter how nice)? Or, better yet, what if you're bored with all the usual gifts?

That's where we come in. We've scouted some great gifts so that when the next [fill in any occasion here] rolls around, you're prepared with something he'll never forget.

Here, 16 gifts even the pickiest guys will love.

The Audiophile - Bose noise cancelling headphones, obviously. The sound quality is superior, you can use them for work and the gym and they come with an arm pouch big enough for your iPhone. Noise cancelling headphones, $500, Bose

Soft to the touch - Cashmere scarves are always a winner and you can get great ones for under $100 quid. Paul Smith cashmere scarf, $120, Liberty

Strike a pose - A easy to carry personal camera is always a useful thing; especially for those moments where you wish that you had a camera but don't want to be lugging a huge camera around with you. These cameras can be easily carried in your pocket or bag. Canon IXUS 230 Digital Camera, $210

Get a round in - For some men, the perfect present would be 18 holes of golf for him and a friend, as nothing beats a day of golf with your best mate followed by a few crafty beers!

Give him a year - It’s the gift that keeps on giving: sign him up for a monthly subscription of his favourite magazine, or enrol him in a wine club that sends bottles and information throughout the year. In addition to honing his hobby, it’ll be a monthly reminder of his lovely and thoughtful girlfriend.

Gift Basket - Fill a basket with 18-themed gifts (or any number if it is not their 18th birthday!), including items you have to be at least 18 years old to purchase and gifts in sets of 18. Perhaps he'll win a million dollars with the lottery ticket you buy him, and then he can celebrate with that cigar and lighter in the basket. Add something sweet to the basket with 18 of his favorite candy bars or homemade cookies. Express your feelings with 18 romantic notes, 18 poems or a mix CD with 18 love songs. We used 18 but you could use any number for whatever age birthday you are celebrating.

Tickets - Tickets to a special event are another way to celebrate his landmark birthday. Tickets to an 18-and-over live music or comedy club are one option if you're also old enough to get inside (or you're willing to let him go with his friends). Take him to see his favorite sports team, his favorite band in concert, a monster truck rally or a play, depending on his taste. A day trip to an amusement park, a museum or a music, food, tech or sci-fi festival might make his 18th birthday especially memorable.

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