Friday, 29 March 2013

Study Says Gift Registries Dampen Wedding Experience

People in a marquee enjoying a wedding feast.
The iWishfor team was very interested to read this article on a study suggesting that having a wedding registry dampens the wedding experience; not for the bride and groom but for the guests!

According to the study, wedding registries,
"Tend to de-emphasize the traditional role that family members once played in helping a new couple arrange its household.
"Decades ago, the main role of the mother of the bride was creating the new home for the union of two families," Bradford said. "By turning to bridal registries, we've outsourced to the marketplace the sacred traditions of planning and outfitting a new family space."
One of the reasons we created iWishfor was because we felt that retail wedding registries were too restrictive and locked you into a box. We wanted to bring that idea of creating a list of things that were personal to you; not a list of things you had to choose because that was the only thing that the store offered for you to choose from. We are very proud that we are helping those getting married have the ability to bring back that "traditional role that family members once played" in helping the married couple start their new lives together.

With iWishfor, friends and family can choose things to gift knowing that the bride and groom chose them with care and thought towards what they really feel they need and a style that is perfectly suited to them.

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