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First Anniversary? 17 Paper Gift Ideas for that Big Day

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It's been awhile since I had to think of a gift for our first wedding anniversary (I'm going on my seventh). However, I do remember that there was a lot of stress on my part trying to find the perfect gift for our wedding anniversary. What made it harder was that I wanted to follow the traditional gift giving ritual of certain types of gifts depending on the year of the anniversary.

Being that it was our first, I also didn't want to mess things. So, needless to say, finding the perfect gift was not easy. This of course was before the days of the iWishfor app! If I had had the app, I could have just been saving ideas throughout the year or getting great ideas from the Trending Ideas page.

Not having that luxury, I had to go it alone. So the iWishfor teamed got together and brainstormed some great ideas to save you, our dear readers, the time and stress finding perfect gifts for your first anniversary. Below are

17 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Featuring Paper:

  1. A newspaper: Pop out on the morning of your anniversary to buy a newspaper dated with your anniversary to present with breakfast in bed.
  2. Tickets to a show: Whether it be a theatre show in your local city, or tickets to see his favourite band, he’ll love it.
  3. A photograph or poster: I’ve not stopped looking at my wedding photographs all year, so another picture for our living room or bedroom would be a good idea. Or, what about a poster? Staples has great deals on creating your wedding photo as a poster.
  4. A hand-written poem: Not for the faint of heart but if you can do it, you could create a really romantic gift for your loved one. Take advice from Robert Burns or Shakespeare and write your own romantic love poem.Another idea is to get a fancy quill style pen with the cool ink tip and write your vows on some nice fancy paper. Then glue it on a piece of wedding style paper and frame it. Makes a nice keepsake that can hang on the wall of your bedroom.
  5. A book: Does your partner love to read? What about a book on love stories or poems?

  6. Origami: My husband once bought me an origami figurine which was on sale at our local Chinese restaurant.  Being made of paper, an origami gift could be ideal.

  7. A journal or diary: If your husband loves to write then a journal or a diary could be well received.  Maybe plan on keeping a joint journal about your relationship from now on?
  8. A plane ticket to a romantic destination: If you can afford it then why not buy a couple of plane tickets to a romantic destination! It doesn't even have to be that far away. It can be a hot air balloon ride or a plane ride around the local area.
  9. A personalised calendar:  If you constantly flick through your wedding photographs online, why not choose 12 of your favourites and have them turned into a desk calendar - making your wedding memory last all year.
  10. An invitation to a special dinner or night out: Do you have a favourite restaurant or place that you love to have dinner together? What about an invitation to a picnic?
  11. A travel guide: A book on travel, or a place you’d like to visit with your partner could be a fun, and exciting gift for the year ahead.
  12. A paper packet of seeds to plant: Make your garden look pretty by emptying paper packets of seeds in flowerbeds and plant pots. You could even plant them on your anniversary and watch them grow together.
  13. A map: If you love to travel then why not wrap up a map, which has been pinpointed with heart stickers of destinations you’d love to visit during the second year of your marriage.
  14. A subscription to a magazine: This gift that will keep on giving all year.
  15. A message in a bottle: Write a love message on paper and pop it in an empty glass bottle.  You could even float it in a lovely romantic bath that you’ve run for your partner.
  16. A scratch card or lottery ticket: Pop one in an anniversary card – you never know, you might win!
  17. A scrapbook or photo memory book filled with pictures from your first year of marriage: If you’re anything like me, you’ll take photographs all year round, upload them to your computer and browse through them online from time to time. Why not make use of the images and turn them into a book for your coffee table.
Any of these ideas, or combinations of ideas, can be a great way to celebrate that first magical year of marriage together. If you see any great ideas, don't forget to add them to your iWishfor list, where you keep all your ideas organized and safe for when you need them!

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