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Wedding Registry Do's and Don'ts

You've been asked the big question and you've said "Yes!" Now comes the important task of planning for the big day, which includes setting up a wedding registry so you can get the perfect gift or gifts that will help you set up your future home.

Here are some do's and don'ts as you start thinking about your wedding registry:

Don't Go Overboard
The great thing about iWishfor is that you can add ideas from any store, regardless of the type of store. However, try to stick to only a few stores you love. Make sure to choose at least one national department store or chain that has lots of household basics; and you may also want some local specialty stores add to your registry. Think of your guests -- you may want to choose stores that are low-, medium-, and high-end, so guests have gifts in a variety of price ranges to choose from.

Do Register Ahead of Time
Set up your registry four to six months before the wedding. This will give guests time to purchase gifts for the big day, but also for your engagement and a shower. It's really easy to set up your wedding registry through! Just go to and click register! You can put your own name as a username or your couples name. And that's it! You know have your iWishfor wedding registry ready for you to add stuff too.

Do Register for Enough Gifts
Register for more gifts than you have guests, so there will be plenty of items to choose from. Think about who your guests are, and register for gifts in a wide range of prices, or choose individual items rather than sets, as with pots and pans, for instance. It is fine to put a few expensive items on your registry, but balance them with equally lovely options that are more affordable. As you browse through stores, you can use the iWishfor app to scan the barcodes or take pictures of the things you want to add them to your list. Make sure to also include the name of the store you found it at as well so people at least have some idea of where to find even if they can find it somewhere else for cheaper.

Don't Ask for Money
It's still somewhat taboo to ask for money directly. While you may receive gifts of money anyway, it's better to set up your registry to have a number of gift ideas at various price ranges to you get the perfect gifts; gifts that allow you to not worry about going out after to find the things you need.

Don't Limit Your Registry
Don't think just about your lifestyle as it is today. You'll be entertaining more in the years to come, so create a wish list of items: a platter for your first Thanksgiving dinner or champagne glasses for a New Year's toast. Keep those special occasions in mind; it's a wonderful way to include loved ones in those important milestones. And once your wedding is done, you can easily convert your registry to be for any occasion you are celebrating. Switch your iWishfor registry into a birthday gift list, a Christmas gift list, even a baby shower list when that occasion comes!

Do Write Thank-You Notes Right Away
Ideally, you should acknowledge every present immediately; writing a note the day you receive it is best, but sending it within two weeks is also acceptable. Of course, the period surrounding your wedding is a busy time; if you fall behind, just make every effort to send a thank you as soon as you can -- but no later than three months after the event. As you open the gift, keep a list of the gift and who gave it to you so you don't lose track of who gave it to you. There is nothing worse than not receiving a thank you for a gift from a wedding and nothing worse than knowing you got that item from one of your guests but forgetting who gave it to you.

Don't Worry if You Don't Get Everything on Your Registry
If you don't receive everything you registered for, don't fret. You can easily keep using your registry for any other occasion including birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, Mother's day, etc. We have a nice set of backgrounds, you can use to change the look of your registry to reflect a number of different occasions.

Your wedding is an important day and worrying about your wedding registry should be the least of your worries. makes setting up and using your wedding registry quick and simple with none of the hassle of being forced to set up a separate registry for each store.

We'd love to help you get started on your wedding registry today. You can contact us with any questions you may have or for help getting started setting up your registry.

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