Saturday, 11 May 2013

3 Awesome Crowdsourced Recommendation Sites

Crowdsourcing, or getting advice and recommendations (among other things) from fellow users, is becoming increasing popular. While going to Google or Bing to find answers to questions is often the first step people take when they are looking for information, group recommendation sites are another great way to find the answers you need. These types of sites are nice as they often involved people who have first hand knowledge about the topic and provide answers that are more personalized and current than search results can provide.

We've rounded up some great group recommendations sites that can with any kind of question you may have.

This awesome site, of course, has to be at the top of our list. Discobo is a Q&A platform to crowdsource the best products for daily problems. Simply ask the community or search for relevant questions. Discobo uses community generated recommendations to find you the best of anything quickly. It has a beautiful interface that is easy to use. One of the great features is the ability to scroll through the communities questions and find answers to questions you didn't even know you had. You can do this by using shuffle to randomly find questions, view the most popular or view the "freshest". Of course, asking your own questions is quick and simple. Just write a question that you are burning to have answered, choose a tag to categorize it and you're done. As people start to answer your question, you will get to see answers from the community, how many people answered the question, which solution was the most popular and links to all the solutions in a very easy to read style. You can also post one liners about the question or the solutions provided to provide more feedback. The only confusing part for me was how to quickly view the questions I had asked to see if anyone had answered them yet. Other than that, Discobo could an extremely useful tool to find answers from other users that are current and relevant.

Suggestme offers a slightly different twist on the whole crowdsourcing idea. With tourist suggestions crowdsourced from social media trends in real time, Suggestme recommends destinations based on how popular they are on social media at the time and enables users to compile their own custom guide. As most travel sites and tourist information is often static reflecting opinions and thoughts from the past, it is hard to determine whether the information is still relevant. A tourist attraction may be popular one year, but a change in ownership or other issue arises and suddenly that attraction is no longer a must see. To solve this problem, Suggestme keeps on top of changing opinions by aggregating information from millions of social media mentions across multiple platforms to determine the best places to highlight at the moment its customers are browsing the site. Currently covering Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York and Barcelona, visitors can also search venues based on keywords such as ‘romantic’ and ‘live music’ to find the places they’re in the mood for. Users can save the locations they’ve discovered and compile them into their own customized guide, ready to share with friends. takes information from more than 7,000 product “experts” and some 2 million user-generated reviews to give a far more comprehensive recommendation about a product than you’ll find on services like Amazon. Right now, the site covers electronics, appliances and home and garden items.

Each of these sites takes a different approach to use crowdsourcing but each solution creates a powerful way of getting the information you want, when you need it while giving you the confidence you need to make a good decision or know that the answer is the best one out there.

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