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5 Garden Inspired Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

Does your mother love flowers and gardening? Mother's Day is the perfect time to celebrate her love of flowers and gardening by giving the mother in your family garden inspired gifts! Giving gardening inspired gifts for that special mother can not only let them know how much you mean to them but also give them that special time they need and deserve to relax. Not into gardening but still loves sprucing up the house with a touch of the outdoors? Flowers are always a nice way to celebrate Mother's Day and there are so many different ways to bring fresh flowers into the home.

Whether it is a floral arrangement in a unique vase or centerpiece or some new, but fashionable gardening tools, there are lots of different ways to bring happiness to your special mother on her special day!

Here are 5 Garden Inspired Gift ideas for Mother's Day!

Peonies in a beautiful Vase

Peonies are a beautiful flower that are often overlooked as the centerpiece to a floral bouquet. Matched with an unique vase or planting pot, they can make a wonderful centerpiece for the home in any variety of colour. There are lots of different vases and pots available in a number of styles to suit any desire. Local hardware stores will have plenty of styles to choose from.


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An Inspiring Gardening Book

An inspiring gardening book can be just as relaxing especially if you give her some time on her home to read it in a nice quiet house with a fresh pot of tea. Books on English gardens can be the perfect for those lovers of gardens.

Chapters-Indigo - $43.00

Plant Markers

If you have ever had a garden or viewed a number of gardens, you'll often see them filled with rowed upon rows of little markers designating the types of plants being grown. Often, these little markers will come directly from the nursery. While practical, there are a number of other styles and types of markers available that will help the gardening mother in your family spruce up the garden and show it off.

Markers painted with chalkboard paint are beautiful and practical. Use a white marker or waterproof wax pencil to write the names of the plants on the marker. Or give your mother a ceramic plant marker from anthropologie.com to add a little British elegance to the garden.

anthropologie.com - $2.95 each


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New Sun Hat

A new sun hat can be the perfect gift for mom's who like to garden for longer periods of time out in the hot sun. These hats from Kate Spade are practical enough to keep the sun of the shoulders yet also are beautiful.

Kate Spade - $78.00

Watering Can Care package

Finally, while relaxing and rewarding, gardening can be hard on the hands and the energy. Why not give that special mother a beautiful care package in a watering can. If you can find an antique water can, that would be perfect but any watering can will work. Simply fill the watering can with hand towels, chocolates, hand creams, facial creams and other items to help her relax after a hard day out in the garden.

With any of these ideas, Mother's Day can be a special time for that beautiful, amazing Mother. Any of these gift ideas can help you celebrate every thing your mother does for the family. They also give them the ability to further enjoy their time in the garden or to enjoy something that will last beyond Mother's Day itself.

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