Thursday, 13 June 2013

Five Last Minute Gifts For Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner and, if you are a Dad, it's always a special day to celebrate all the wonderful things a father does as a part of the family. I was recently treated to my daughter's pre-school Father's Day celebration which was a very special treat for me. It's about that connection between the father and the children that makes the day special.

You see in the paper's and online, all the great gifts you can give your Dad on this special day. However, most of the gift ideas put out there by the retail chains, don't reflect that true meaning of the day. Retail chains are simply pushing whatever products that are in their Men's section, in the hopes of bringing you into their store.

iWishfor has put together a list of perfect gift ideas that will celebrate that special bond that fathers have with their children with a list of gift ideas that you can share with your children. This list of perfect gift ideas will help you out if you are still looking for more personalized gift ideas for Father's Day!

Five Last Minute Gifts for Father's Day

Star Wars Lego

Who doesn't like lego? Lego's recent foray into the world of movies means there are a lot of cool lego packages that appeal to both kids and dads! Besides Star Wars, there is also the Lord of the Rings sets and the Pirates of the Caribbean and others to choose from. My son and daughter love doing these sets with me and it's a great time for all of us. They help me find the pieces and I give them small sections to put together, helping them when they get stuck. As the children get older, you can delve more into the advanced lego sets with Mindstorms sets.

Check out

Geek Dad Science books

These are great books of fun, geeky science activities that both Dads and kids will love. The premise is that Dads want to spend time with their kids but the want to engage with their kids in activities that are fun for them too. It can get tedious playing kids games as much as you want to play with your kids. The activities in these books will help you find activities that will appeal to everyone with various levels of difficulty depending on how much of a handyman you are. In fact, if you do a search for Geek Dad on the Amazon store, you will find a whole section of books of projects and activities you can do with kids.

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Model Rocket Sets

We've just started getting into this with our kids. Your local hobby store will have a wide range of model rockets and varying levels of technical difficulty you can buy and blast off with your kids. We recently purchased a starter set that came with everything you needed and was really easy to assemble. Now we need to just wait for a windless day to blast them off. I know the kids will love it and is something we can grow into as they grow up. 

Petanque Set
This is the very popular French version of the traditional Italian lawn game Bocce, Petanque can be played on the beach, on grass, or on any even, smooth surface. This set includes just what you need for casual play of this great European game. The set comes with six 3" laquered wood balls, a white jack ball and complete rules for playing the game. Get ready for outdoor family game fun!

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A GPS Device and Free Subscription to Geocaching

Geocaching is that great idea of the scavenger hunt with the addition of technology and made world wide! Basically, people hide things all over the world and post the gps coordinates on the Geocaching site. You use your GPS device (or the iphone/android app), to find the hidden items using the gps coordinates. It's great fun and gets you out into your local community to places you may never have explored before. Kids love the hidden treasure aspect of it, and as they get older, can help with controlling the GPS device. There are millions of hidden items all over the world and can also be a great activity if you are traveling to new places. You can find more info at:

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